What a teenager says about Sex

A perspective view of what sex is by a teenager.

Sex education is a topic that most parents shy away from. They would rather put on holier than thou character just to avoid the topic.

It is a very sensitive issue considering the intoxicating or rather pervasive, yet pleasurable emotion behind the word itself.

There are misconstrue opinions on the word sex. It is, therefore, imperative to define sex.

The word sex as regarding male and female relationship connotes intercourse between the duo. however, there's an entire shift of paradigm when you approach sex from a sense of legal relationship. sex is seen as love-making.

I attended an organized football game between women in my local church today.  It was a refreshing moment. The pastor of the local church stage this event to celebrate the women as we approach the mother's day celebration. I was opportune to sit beside a young teenage girl. As the game proceeds, we began to chat. Few minutes into our discussion, her phone rang and I could tell from her tone she was talking to the opposite sex.

 When she hung up her phone, I said to her "your boyfriend", she smiled and said yes. Being curious I started asking more about her relationship with the boy.

I was shocked when she told me that she was dis-virgin on her first date with the boy. I ask how it happened and she explained that her friends had told her that the only way to show that you love a boy that you are in a relationship with, is to have sexual intercourse. Does your mum know, I asked?. Hell no! she yelled back.

Well, this little story, described most of our young teenagers' experience because they picked their knowledge of education on the street.

The milk has been spilled. The most shocking concern for me was the fact that her parent does not even know that their little girl is already a woman.

Please if you are reading this, and you a parent, it is your responsibility to tell your children about the subject of sex. Be your child's best friend. Ask questions, especially from teenagers. 

Emeka Ogbudo

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