United Africa Republic [Nigeria] UAR

"United Africa Republic" [Nigeria] UAR - See African kontris wey change name afta independence

United Africa Republic Nigeria [UAR] 'United Alkebulan Republic' Nigeria name change
Wetin we call dis foto,

Ghana change dia kontri from Gold Coast wey di British colonial master bin name dem.


Few already-independent African nations don take decision to rebaptism themselves alias change dia name.

Di names of most African kontris at independence na left over of wetin dia colonial masters name dem from di scramble for Africa by European superpowers for 17 century.

Na sake of dis many of dis kontris decide to rename dia land to reflect dia original identity.

Nigeria begin constitution review in 2021, during one public hearing for House of Representatives report say one tax consultant, Adeleye Jokotoye submit proposal for a change of Nigeria name to "United African Republic" or 'United Alkebulan Republic'.

But dat proposal go require approval for Nigeria before e scale through. Jokotoye say Nigeria dey made up up of hundreds of ethnic groups wey need to dey united.

Nigeria national assembly joint Committee on di Review of di 1999 Constitution bin announce give Nigeria citizens say dem wan do Public Hearings on di Review of the 1999 Constitution across di (6) geopolitical zones of di kontri.

Di one for South West region [Lagos Central] take place for Ikeja, Lagos on di 1st and 2nd of June and for dia report dem confam say di tax consultant submit di proposal.

Just like di "Nigerian constitution" na so different African nations get different requirements to use change di name of dia kontri.

African kontris wey change dia names for independence include:

United Africa Republic Nigeria [UAR] 'United Alkebulan Republic' Nigeria name change


Wetin we call dis foto,

Since wey di proposal land a change of Nigeria name to "United African Republic" or 'United Alkebulan Republic', di mata turn bi conversation for Nigeria.


1. Gold Coast change to Ghana west di west African nation get independence in 1957.

2. Mali change from French Soudan to Mali when dem gbab independence 1960.

3. Belgian Congo change to Congo Democratic Republic when dey kollect independence from Belgium in 1960.

4. Di British protectorate of Bechuanaland change to wetin we know today as Botswana as soon as dem gbab independence from British in 1966.

5. French Congo or 'Moyen Congo' change to di Republic of Congo [dem dey call am Congo Brazzaville] afta independence for 1960.

6. Mozambique be Portuguese East Africa until e become independent in 1975

7. Portuguese Angola or Portuguese West Africa change to Angola for independence for year 1975.

8. Di Spanish possessions of Rio Muni and Fernando Po united turn to Equatorial Guinea wen di kontri gbab independence for 1968.

9 South-West Africa change to Namibia wen finally comot as part of South Africa for in 1990. E get one time wey dem dey call dem German South-West Africa, dat ione na[1884-1915]. Before dem Germans lose WW I.

10. Northern Rhodesia become Zambia for Year1964wen dem collect independence.

United Africa Republic Nigeria [UAR] 'United Alkebulan Republic' Nigeria name change


Wetin we call dis foto,

President Muhammadu Buhari office alias presidency don tok say Nigeria goment, particularly president Buhari no get hand at all for dis name chane proposal.


11. Zimbabwe bi dey known as Southern Rhodesia until dem independence for 1980.

12. Di Kingdom of Lesotho dey bear protectorate of Basutoland until dem collect independence for 1966.

13. First president OF Malawi , Hastings Kamuzu Banda change di kontri name from Nyasaland to Malawi. Dat na di year 1964.

14. Portuguese Guinea change to Guinea Bissau for independence in 1974.

15. Di Republic of Guinea[Conakry dey bear di name French Guinea until iindependence for 1958.

16. British Somaliland re-unite wit di Italian possession to form United Republic of Somalia in 1960. Dem dey independent for 4 days.

17. Djibouti bi known as French Territory of Afar and Issas from di late 1960s to 1977 when e gain independence.

18. Ruanda-Urundi,be dey rule togeda before as single mandate under Belgium, dem breat into two separate States for 1962. Ruanda change to Rwanda and Urundi changeto Burundi.

19. For 1975, di Republic of Dahomey wey dey independent since 1960 change name to Benin Republic,na di name di kontri still dey bear till now.

20. Haute Voltaire or Upper Volta ( for English) change im name to Burkina Faso. Na dia former military president,Thomas Sankara change am for 1984.

21. Afta dia 1964 union wit di islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, Tanganyika change name to Tanzania.

22. Former Swaziland mark 50 years of independence in 2018. To celebrate di King Mswati III renamed di kontri eSwatini.

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