Mali Coup: Fransce suspend their support

Mali Coup: France go suspend joint military operations with Mali afta African Union and Ecowas

France say dem gol suspend joint military operations with Malian forces.

And di suspension na until France see clear guarantees say civilians return to power inside di west African kontri.

France Armed Forces Ministry tok for one statement say dia national advisory missions wey benefit Mali go also stop.

Di French operated Barkane counter-terrorism force, Paris get thousands of troops across di Sahel region to fight Islamist armed groups.

France to suspend joint military operations with Mali afta African Union and Ecowas


Last week Mali military bin arrest interim President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane last week and force dem to resign.

Dis one cause katakata afta anoda military coup wey hapun last August to comot di elected president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

Experts fear for a stop in transfer of power to civilians alias transition process wey fit lead to democratic elections next year.

African Union suspend Mali afta second coup in nine months

African Union don suspend Mali's membership sake of last week military coup.

For inside statement, di continental block say dem go punish di west African kontri if Mali no restore civilian-led government.

Dem cut warning for di military say make dem stay away from political process.

Mali Coup: Mali president chop Ecowas suspension, order to return to civilian rule


Wetin we call dis foto,

Colonel Assimi Goïta


Former vice president Assimi Goita, a colonel who bin lead di August coup and last week own na im den declare as presido on Friday.

African Union say make dem do smooth , transparent and fast return to the civilian-led transition.

AU's Peace and Security Council tear dem warning say if smooth transition fail, di Council no go waste time to impose targeted sanctions.

Di African Union bin suspend Mali afta last August coup but bring dem some weeks later.

Dat na afta dem announce heads of di new civilian-led transitional government.

Di Afican Union na ogbonge continental join boid of 54 member kontris inside di whole of Africa.

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