Cowrees rewards

What you need to know about Cowrees rewards.

Never miss a Cowrees when post creative content, idea, solution and educate our Umojami community. Your reaction and comments also earn you Cowrees rewards.


How to loose your Cowrees reward


1. Post information which is not creative, not an idea, not solving a problem or suggesting a solution to a problem, not an educative story one can learn from or impact our community.


2. Posting comments as creative ideas or just random questions with no substancial write up to guide your conversation and the community.


3. Posting irrelevant images of yourself or any other image without providing a cover story behind the image or images that do not initiate a conversation about growth, development and positive change to our community.


4. Posting information of under 280 words automatically is flagged as not creative unless the creative content is limited to less that 280 words which in this case, is either backed by a video or image which substitutes and substantially covers the limited writing content.


We should all act responsible and respect each other and we can all make this community a better place for our people.


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