About us

The Umojami Tale


In 2015, Mitch grappled with a predicament: the search for a platform where he could promptly share and promote his creative content, untethered from the dependency on views, comments, or clicks from mainstream platforms like Youtube and TikTok to secure a modest income. Dissatisfied with this status quo, he conceived an idea for a website that would enable his supporters to directly compensate him for the value he provided. Rallying a group of like-minded friends and content creators, they transformed this concept into a fully operational service within an astonishingly brief timeframe.

Months later, Umojami emerged as the solution empowering content creators, especially those hailing from less developed regions like Africa and Asia, to receive direct compensation not only from their fans but also from visitors engaging with their creative endeavors. Despite grappling with challenges in developing systems for managing direct payments to creators' accounts in these regions, Umojami proactively took steps to offer a payment solution supportive of most less developed countries.

Present Day

Umojami champions membership-based businesses for creators by equipping them with essential tools to attract, manage, and engage their paying supporters. Utilizing a subscription-based payment model, enthusiasts contribute a monthly sum of their choice to their preferred creators, receiving exclusive perks, additional content, or an intimate insight into their creative process in return.

This approach proves mutually beneficial: creators retain artistic independence while receiving due compensation, and fans derive satisfaction from directly supporting the creation of content they hold dear.

Our Impact

Founded by a creator, for creators. Every decision we make is centered around a singular goal – ensuring creators receive fair compensation.

Our Guiding Principles

Core Values

In an ecosystem brimming with creative social media platforms, Umojami stands by unwavering principles: integrity in all interactions, fostering inclusivity, and valuing the diversity of voices within our community. We aspire to cultivate an environment where creativity thrives, and creators feel respected and supported.

Our Purpose

We take pride in steering the narrative towards fair compensation for creators, understanding the pivotal role they play in shaping cultures and influencing change. Our purpose transcends mere transactional exchanges; it's about empowering creators to fully realize their potential, much like the pioneering social media platforms that reshaped the digital landscape.

As stewards of creative expression, we embrace the responsibility of providing a platform that not only sustains livelihoods but also nurtures the spirit of innovation and artistic freedom within the global creative community.